Why the Internet is Going Crazy for 5th & Baldwin Sunglasses



Barely a year after its public debut, 5th & Baldwin has already attracted a loyal fan base — gaining attention in the $95 billion eyewear industry with buzz-worthy Instagram posts and eye-popping free sunglasses offers.

So, why are thousands of customers obsessing over these sunglasses? If you ask us…

It’s because we only sell products that we wear ourselves. If we aren't fans of a certain look or don't believe a product is legit when we wear it, we don't add it to our store. Plain and simple.

We also know how frustrating it is to break a pair of sunglasses after paying as much as $100 or $200 for them. With us, you get a legit look that your friends will notice, and at a price that won’t break the bank. It's a real win-win.

But more importantly, see what some of our 30,000 customers are saying about our sunglasses:

"Got mine a couple days ago! They are awesome!" 
- @joshuabowling_

“Great glasses, fair price. I don't know why anyone would spend $100+ on glasses they will probably scratch or lose.”
- Cole H.

“More beautiful than the pictures. The company is attentive and always responds.”
– Maria R.

"A really good selection to choose from. 5th & Baldwin sunglasses are legit."
- Marc W.

“I want to let folks know. I thought this was too good to be true. I did it, and got my glasses yesterday!!!! Thanks!”
- @amath_g“ 



So, you want to check out our sunglasses now, right?

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