Meet the Sunglasses Brand Disrupting a $95 Billion Industry

With thousands of global customers, 5th & Baldwin is bringing style to the masses with polarized sunglasses you can afford. 

The idea for 5th & Baldwin came out of frustration.

Fed up with the high prices that major sunglasses brands were charging, a twentysomething ad exec from Toronto decided it was time to do something about it.

So, in 2016, with a laptop and a dream, 5th & Baldwin was created.

The concept was simple: create high quality, stylish sunglasses for a price that anybody can afford. After all, why should a great pair of sunglasses come with an insane price tag?

Fast forward two years and the dream is real: polarized lenses, 100% UV protection, classic designs, and prices you can actually afford.

Not just that. Their sunglasses use many of the same supply chains as the big brands, whose similar styles sell for 3-5x the price.

The Richmond The Hayden


How does it work? They cut out product logos and other stuff you don’t need, sell directly to customers online, and just choose not to charge crazy prices.

5th & Baldwin’s sunglasses are locally inspired, with Toronto streets like “Richmond” and “Adelaide” being used as product names. Even the namesake Baldwin street runs through a hip bohemian hangout.

By all measures, their approach has been successful. The brand operates in over 80 countries and has nearly 50,000 followers on social media.

Customers have responded with excitement, taking advantage of eye-popping deals and seasonal free sunglasses giveaways.

Definitely a start-up worth keeping an eye on.

The Jarvis The Cabana


OK, so we can confidently say that 5th & Baldwin is legit. But how do their sunglasses stack up?


Best Unisex Styles:

The Richmond, Tortoiseshell, $35

The brand's most in-demand style for 2018. A distinct round look constructed with lightweight alloy frames. Try it while they're still in stock.


Adelaide, Black, $35

A classic pair of rectangle frames. Made with anodized aluminum frames and polycarbonate lenses. A popular unisex design for men and women.

Best Styles for Women:

The Hayden, Tortoiseshell, $35

This retro cat-eye frame works for many face types. A popular style made with alloy frames, reflective mirror lenses and metal nose pads.


The Beverley, Black, $30

A bold new take on cat eye sunglasses of the past. Made with hybrid alloy-plastic frames and polycarbonate lenses designed to last.

What we love most about 5th & Baldwin:

Classic design – Careful attention to materials and style that can easily be overlooked.

Polarized lenses – Great for extra protection and glare reduction on sunny days.

Competitive price – At $30-50 for most styles, these sunglasses are competitively priced given the quality and features.


5th & Baldwin offers solid products at an unbeatable price. The designs are classic, timeless and easy to wear. Lovers of polarized sunglasses are certain to find a style to suit their taste.



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