How are we giving away free sunglasses?

With thousands of customers around the world, 5th & Baldwin is gaining traction in a $95 billion industry. 

Is this legit? Are you actually giving away free sunglasses?

This is the one question we've been getting since launching this promotion.

We understand the scepticism. After all, free sunglasses aren’t something you see advertised on Instagram every day.

Here's the good news. This deal is legit and thousands of customers have already taken advantage of it. 

So what's the catch?

Get this deal or keep scrolling for details...

The Richmond The Hayden


Ok. What's the catch?

There's no catch that we know of. All you'll pay is a flat shipping fee per item at checkout.

Just like our regular priced products, you’ll get the same frame and 100% UV protection as our bestselling sunglasses.

We just replace our polarized lens with a basic UV lens to get the price down.

Don't worry. It's just a $10 upgrade to add polarized lenses.

Shipping might also take a little longer than usual due to high demand, but that’s it.

So, that’s how we're able to give you a free pair of sunglasses for just the cost of shipping. 

Get free sunglasses or scroll down to see our best styles...

The Jarvis The Cabana


Our Best Styles:

The Richmond, Tortoiseshell

Our most in-demand style for 2019. A distinct round look constructed with lightweight alloy frames. Unisex style for men and women.


Cabana, Black

A classic pair of half-frame browline sunglasses. A popular unisex design for men and women.




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